Hamburgeusas Don Jesus

Restaurant: Mexican/American Fusion

$: roughly $8-$12

Hamburguesas Don Jesus has been on my commute home for just under a year. I eyeballed it for a while before finally trying it on a friend’s recommendation. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. This place is fantastic. The burgers are tender and every burger has ham on it as well. This may seem like a weird misunderstanding of what hamburgers are, but having tried it, I can’t help but believe they know exactly what they’re doing.

I had the Apache burger, and full disclosure, I had it without tomatoes. They’re devil fruit, and I don’t abide by them. Possibly, this may mean I didn’t get the full Apache burger experience, but what I got was well worth getting. The Apache includes sour cream, Anaheim pepper, and avocado, in addition to normal burger ingredients.

Really, the worst thing I can say about this place is that the food is far to messy to bring a date there. You will embarrass yourself, smearing your face and hands in food, and right in front of whoever you’re trying desperately to impress.

That said, this is a burger deserving of a Marshall Eriksen tribute ( Sadly, I cannot do it as much justice as that. What I can do is link to their website, and send you somewhere that will make your life a little awesome-r. Happy Eating.!menu/w4d4v