Hello, and welcome to a new series on this site: Vault of the Mad Chocolatier!

This is where I’ll share a handful of magical and fantasy items and enemies from my own games, my friends’ games (with permission), and from brainstorming sessions. For today, I’ll be sharing:

Lintz’s Amulet (magical item)

Appearance: This artifact is in the form of a golden amulet, roughly four inches in diameter. The front of the amulet bears a leaping stag in bass-relief, and the backside depicts a mad, laughing faerie face. It is on a golden chain.
Effect: When worn, the wearer’s head and neck become that of a stag. They are magically able to continue to hold their massive head and antlers upright, but cannot speak except in deer bellows. To remove the effect, the amulet must be completely removed. This is difficult as the chain is magically unbreakable, so the eighteen inch chain must be carefully twisted around massive stag antlers in a series of disentangling Dexterity checks.
History: An unnamed fae, in a trickster’s mood, spent a century subtly changing the written notes of wizards, driving many insane. This period of time is known as the years of the purge, due to the large number of mad wizards put down by the armies of men. One wizard, Lintz, maintained a facade of normalcy, buying clemency from the armies as an advisor to wizard hunting parties while he pursued his increasingly odd research. Of his work, this amulet is only one remaining product.

Crilp’s Cocktail (mundane item)

Appearance: A small vial that looks exactly like a healing potion. Smelling this liquid makes the eyes water and gives a slight burning sensation in the nostrils.
Effect: This is hot pepper sauce. The shimmer is produced by ground glass mixed into the sauce. Drinking this potion lacerates the throat and fills that injury with capsaicin.
History: A kobold grunt named Crilp, pinned during battle, witnessed the large folk drinking his fallen comrades’ healing potions without stopping to think about it. When he was tried for desertion, he saved his life with the invention of this solution, earning him accolades among the leaders of his cave.

Fallen Stalwarts (undead enemy)

Appearance: These are ghosts with raven mask faces, and a burning censer in one hand. They float above the ground; their bodies dissipating to tattered robes just below the place their legs would begin on a human. When killed they make a noise halfway between a scream and a deflating balloon.
Effect: These ghosts can cast fire magic, move in groups and should be statted to pose a reasonable challenge for a level three party with twice as many members as the number of Fallen Stalwarts faced.
History: Fallen Stalwarts are the ghostly remnants of Clerics who sought to treat plagues. They inhabit areas long fallen to the plague, and, as the plague progresses, may prove to be as dangerous as the disease itself to further champions sent to cleanse the area.