This is a continuation of my records of a GURPS tabletop gaming campaign. You can see parts one and two at the links.

Having irreparably damaged relations with the pharmacy’s Arcade Ganon, the party set out with Brick to cross I-225 and seek out the supermutant settlement of Borealis.

En route to this new area, a small detachment of Angels tried to attack the party, although, one well-placed grenade cleared up the encounter before things had much of a chance to escalate. Drengo interrogated the one survivor of the explosion, and learned of Chance, Gadget, and Remy’s past with the dangerous gang. It was apparent, the party could expect hit squads in the days to come.

As the dying member of the Angels gang breathed his last, the party somberly recollected themselves and continued onward to Borealis in Brick’s company. As they approached the area, they came into a region of sparse ruins and rolling fields surrounding the town of Borealis for about a quarter mile all around. In the distance, the too-human sounds of a mutated breed of eight-legged horses gave the party chills.

As they approached the town, they were accosted by a band of three supermutants calling themselves “tax collectors”. Their leader, Davis, dropped some references to working with “east coast stock” in the form of his underlings, Claw and Break. The party, through Brick’s half-remembered ramblings of the Master’s Army, began to see a picture emerging of a brutish east coast batch of supermutants, and a mentally and physically superior batch made somewhere out west.

The town itself was built into the side of a crater, and guarded by towers. As the party entered the town, they were surrounded and captured by supermutant guards. As they were led away to locked room, Brick slipped into the crowd in the chaos, reunited with his people and disinclined to stick around.

After twelve hours’ wait in lockdown, the party was brought before Mr. Callum, the boss of Borealis. He explained a bit of the bad blood between supermutants and humans, and gave the party an option to prove their good intentions, one mission for the town, and they could have some leeway to visit the marketplace and do business in Borealis.

Drengo and Chance left to deliver a report on behalf of Mr. Callum. They followed the crater’s edge south until reaching a small encampment of a gang called the Devil Dogs. They reported, as ordered, that the Star farm had lapsed on paying protection money to Mr. Callum’s tax men. They took the Devil Dog’s payment for this information, and, at a bluff from Drengo, collected an extra 200 caps to line their own pockets with. Upon their return to Borealis and the delivery of Mr. Callum’s money, the team was given the freedom of the town, and encouraged to stock up on supplies and take on a few of the open bounties at the town office to improve their goodwill in the area. The team conferred and decided that, since they were short on leads for good settlements for the inhabitants of vault 4, a little goodwill mingled with getting to know the area couldn’t hurt.

. . . and, here, we conclude part 3. Until next time, happy gaming, all.